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Default The End is Near Yes!

In a time some of the families are at home using only one computer, (i know that, i'm a teacher who works online now with 138 students!!) someone decide to ban players for that. I have 3 son's... the oldest played here to and he just delete his account (RamdomNite) trying to avoid that i get banned, because we share the same pc, the same ip.... off course, with some others, who had or have 3 or 4 computers and with a touch of "magic".... hide or change IP's , that's easy! But it's some kind of strange that only few teams get players banned... others don´t! There are even players with the same nick plus one or two numbers more...
Don't bother to response, because it's my last thread here... and i'm not gonna read it all!!! Over for me!
Stay well all of you!

P.S: i'm Lino Lino and my son was RamdomNite. Banned me to! After all we could be the same no???????
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The thing is, double accounts are naturally very hard to check, that's why it's a weird topic. ofcourse you share IP's but that happens, i know on the dutch servers back in the day there were multiple brothers that were playing, i remember that there was a pair of brothers who even send a pic of them to the staff & proof thay they were not doubles by being online on different pc's or not at the same time.

Ofcourse it's all easier sad than done but tl;dr it's hard to check those things and i recommend sending a support ticket if you still want to play this game, but i do understand if you want to quit all together :l
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